How to Drive Safe this Winter

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Winter is approaching quickly!  Even though it doesn’t start for another month, snow has already blanketed our streets and houses here in our state of Utah.  This morning when I woke up, there was a thin layer of snow covering everything and was still coming down.  Once I turned on the news, it showed the usual traffic patterns that come with the first snowfall of the year and that usually is a lot of wrecks and cars off the road backing up traffic.  After I got on the road, I drove carefully and slow only to get caught on the free-way in stop and go traffic.  At this point it was a really heavy snow storm impeding everyone’s progress and vision making traffic worse.  Later on the main streets, going up and down the hills showed how unprepared I was myself for sliding because it happened several times in my sedan.  So now is the best time to learn how to avoid a potentially hazardous situation and pull out of a slid or skid in snow, rain and on ice.

I recently found and read this article from BBC on how to pull out of a skid if you find yourself suddenly in one.  Check it out to stay safe this winter!

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