Elite Emergency Fuel Option

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I get asked a lot of questions about how to cook our dehydrated meals in an emergency situation.  More than likely, you're not going to have access to your stove, microwave or even electricity.  Really your only option as a heat source is a primitive fire.  Let’s face it, most Americans aren’t the most experienced in lighting a fire.  Some have never lit one in their life.  So what are your options when put in a stressful emergency situation?

From The Ready Project®, the new Ready Fuel™ is a great option to have for any time.  Be prepared with our bran new Ready Fuel™ to stay warm and cook the necessary food.  “The Ready Project® Ready Fuel ™is the perfect substitute for wood, charcoal or propane. Designed to burn hot and will boil 4 cups of water in 20 minutes.  Ready Fuel™ is perfect for any emergency situation and burns safe because there are no harmful chemicals or by-products.  Once the Ready Fuel™ is finished burning, you simply blow away.   You can even safely store Ready Fire™ next to The Ready Project® Food Storage.”

Ready Fuel™ is the ideal fuel that lights in less than a second.  Ready Fuel™ lights and burns in wind rain, sleet, or snow and can even burn wet firewood and quickly dry out the wood. Ready Fuel™ has a 30 year shelf life!

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