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Freedom from the outlet

Ultra lightweight USB solar charging system that fits in your pocket. Use as a single unit power pack to power your device or as a power source to recharge the batteries for use in any AA or AAA battery powered device.What is the difference between the Guide 10 and the Guide 10 Plus? The Guide 10 Plus has a 1.0 Amp USB capable of powering iPad.

What's in the box

1 x Guide 10 Plus Power Pack 1 x 4 Pack AA rechargeable batteries1 x Super Charge Cable

Charge AA/AAA batteries from the sun in 6 hrs with Nomad 3.5 solar panel or 2 hours from the Nomad 7

  • Recharge your cell phone 1-3 times per charge
  • Built-in LED flashlight that runs 20+ hours per charge
  • Stores power for charging devices day or night
  • Very small, about the size of a cell phone
  • Can also charge via USB
  • Includes 4 pack of AA rechargeable batteries
  • AAA Battery insert available with AAA battery purchase

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