Metallyte™ pouches were designed for packaging in the late 2000’s, compared it's predecessor, standard Mylar Foil packaging, which was made in the early 1990’s. Metallyte™ pouches are designed from a plastic component called polypropylene, which is designed specifically to preserve freshness and conceal odors. This film has an exceptional barrier to oxygen due to its higher density then that of Mylar Foil pouches. Flavors and aromas are better preserved and have an excellent water vapor barrier. The zip-seal feature makes using them easy to open and easy to store for future uses. Each pouch contains an oxygen absorber. The oxygen absorber assures that each and every one of our pouches is sealed airtight. Metallyte™ zip-seal pouches provide the ideal environment for long term shelf life when stored in a dry, cool environment.

Key Features of Metalite™ Pouches:

  • Zip-seal
  • Very high water and gas barrier
  • Good aroma and flavor protectors
  • Excellent metal adhesion
  • Vacuum deposited aluminum
  • Easy convertibility on both sides
  • Excellent puncture resistance