Is your home prepared for an natural disaster or other emergency?

The first step in preparing for an emergency is to make a plan. Here are some simple steps to creating your family emergency plan. Start by answering these questions:


How will you be receive alerts and emergency warnings? 
How will you contact each other at home, work, school?
Do you have contact info for every member of the family where ever they might be during the day? (school, work, doctor, etc)
Does each member of the family have the communication info and contact info readily available on them at all times? 

Where is your family meeting location in the event of an emergency? If communication is not possible everyone should know where to go in case of an emergency. 
Does this location have adequate emergency supplies? 

Emergency Supplies
Have you taken inventory of your emergency supplies? 
Do you have enough food and water on hand? 
Do you know the locations of gas, power, and water, and have the necessary tools to turn them off if needed?

Answering the questions above will help you start to create your family emergency plan.