About the Project

Our Roots

Founded in late 2006, the Ready Project is a local company with a global perspective: help you Live Life Ready.  Our roots in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains give us a unique outlook on preparedness and enable us to choose the best products for any situation.

Dan Moss and Rich Bliss, two avid outdoorsmen, recognized the uncertainty and threat of natural disasters and decided to find a solution to help prepare their families and communities.  In addition to selecting the most reliable outdoor products, they started a food storage system to help every family gain peace of mind.  Since then, the Ready Project has become a leader in freeze-dried food storage and emergency preparedness and continues to grow rapidly.

Our Mission

  •      Leave no home unprepared

  •      Provide superior emergency products at affordable prices

  • Have a serious impact on helping homes, communities, states , and nations prepare for emergencies

  •      Create a business model that will allow any family or individual the ability to participate in a readiness plan

Our Company

Our unique approach to preparedness has led to innovation that will suit your needs and help you gain peace of mind.  Ready Project food storage meals and beverages are made by blending high quality foods that can be stored for up to 25 years.  These meals are delicious and easy to prepare, and most importantly, they hold high nutritional content.  In addition, all of our food products are packaged in safe, durable Metalite pouches that protect from bacteria, ensure freshness and are puncture resistant.  

To reduce the hassle of constantly replenishing your food storage, the Ready Project also offers an Auto-Delivery Program.  Every month, you can gradually build up your storage provisions while maintaining your budget. 

Awards & Recognition





In 2012, the Ready Project was ranked 5th by the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum as one of the top companies under five years old.

In addition, the Mountain West Capital Network named the Ready Project as one of the 2012 Utah Emerging Elite.  This designation is given to companies with under five years of operation and signs of “significant promise for future growth and success.”