Lindon Farms Food Storage Entree Kit (180 Servings)


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Overwhelmed with food storage options? A simple approach is the Lindon Farms 180 serving food storage kit. With a full 2,000 calories/day for two weeks, this could be your stand-alone food storage solution. Our food storage kit includes 16 different flavorful entrees and 3 beverages that work great for all situations, everything from emergency preparedness to a backpacking excursion. Combine 4 entrees to make a satisfying meal for yourself.

  • Each meal in 5-10 serving pouches
  • Easy to open zip-seal Metallytepouches
  • Oxygen absorber in every pouch for ensured freshness
  • Easily Transportable, 6.5 gallon weather proof buckets
  • up to a 25 year shelf life
  • No high fructose corn-syrup
  • No added MSG
  • 180 full servings -2,000 calories a day for two weeks for 1 person
  • 6.5 gallon rugged and stackable, 'EZ store' container
  • Dimensions: 12 inches high x 12 inches long x 14 inches

Click here for the Lindon Farms 180 Nutritional Panel


Breakfast Variety:
Natural granola (1) 10 serving pouch
Apple Blueberry Granola (1) 10 serving pouch
Oatmeal (1) 10 serving pouch
Cinnamon Rice Pudding (1) 10 serving pouch
Freeze Dried Fruit Mix (1) 5 serving pouch

Lunch/Dinner Variety:
Instant Potatoes (1) 10 serving pouch
Polenta (1) 10 serving pouch
Corn Grits (1) 10 serving pouch
Cheddar Cheese Pasta (1) 10 serving pouch
Western Chili (1) 10 serving pouch
Hearty Potato Soup (1) 10 serving pouch
Beef Flavored Vegetable Stew (1) 10 serving pouch
Cheddar Broccoli Soup (1) 10 serving pouch
Seasoned Mashed Potatoes (1) 10 serving pouch
Chicken Flavored Vegetable Stew (1) 10 serving pouch
Red Beans and Rice (1) 10 serving pouch
Mixed Vegetables (1) 10 serving pouch

Drinks/Dessert Variety:
Regular Whey Milk (1) 10 serving pouch
Chocolate Whey Milk (1) 10 serving pouch
Citrus Drink (1) 10 serving pouch
Chocolate Pudding Dessert (1) 10 serving pouch

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