Chef's Banquet Vegetable Variety Food Storage (160 Servings)



Chef's Banquet Freeze Dried Vegetables are second to none in quality, freshness, and taste. Ideal packaging conditions for long term storage. 160 Total Servings Easy to open and use Easy to Open zip-seal mylar foil pouches Great for snacks Great for storage No additives or preservatives.

This Freeze Dried Vegetable Variety bucket contains the following:
Sweet Peas - 18 Servings (China, Hungry, Serbia & USA)
Diced Potatoes - 16 Servings (USA)
Corn - 20 Servings (China, Serbia & USA)
Green Beans - 31 Servings (USA, China & New Zealand
Cauliflower - 40 Servings (Mexico & China)
Broccoli - 37 Servings (China, Mexico & USA)

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