Ready Project™ — Water

Nicole Preston

Want to get Free Food?

Water-borne Viruses are not just a third-world issue.  The mid-20th century saw the United States…

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AFTER an Earthquake

AFTER an earthquake, lots of casualties can occur, so post preparedness is imperative. -Check for injuries and…

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Jessica Berg

Got Water?

Water is the first place to start when thinking of self-reliance and preparing for a…

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How Water Filters Work

The communities of bugs that live in fresh water supplies include giardiasis and cryptos­poridium. The purpose of the water filter is not to kill the creatures, but to capture them inside the filter and prevent you from ingesting them. The effectiveness of the water filter is determined by what is known as the pore-size efficiency. This is the measurement of the size of the openings in the water filter. These measurements are microscopic. The measurement used to describe the size of the filter's openings is called a micron. One micron is 1/1,000 of a millimeter. Any water filter with a...

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