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Combine Lindon Farms® Freeze-dried Diced Chicken with other Lindon Farms® dehydrated meals to create the ideal meal. Lindon Farms®Freeze-dried Diced Chicken has a guaranteed shelf life of up to 15 years due to the elite Metalite™ packaging which you can’t find anywhere else. Bring peace of mind home by living life ready.
• 114 Servings
• Easy to store 4 Gallon Buckets
• Elite Metalite™ Packaging
• Up to 15 year shelf life
• Healthy amount of protein
• No additives or preservatives.

Reach full self-reliance with Lindon Farms® dehydrated fruit and vegetable seed bucket that contains over 316,000 seeds. This variety of 25 different fruits and vegetables have been dehydrated to optimum moisture content for long term storage. Each seed is packaged and is resalable in hermetically sealed triple foil package. Every seed is open-polinated (non-hybrid) which will allow continuous seed replenishment if desired. These seeds come with instructions for planting, harvesting, and collecting seed to replenish seed for a perpetual garden.

Ready Fuel Review

November 21, 2012


Ready Fuel   Video  

  • ReadyFuel is versatile and ready for any situation from camping to any survival need. ReadyFuel doesn't freeze, evaporate or melt. it is clean, water soluble and oderless.
  • Benefits:
  • Boils water easily
  • Odorless (will not contaminate the flavor of your food)
  • Does not evaporate, freeze or melt
  • Burns at -23˚ F / -30.5˚ C
  • Burns up to 10,000 ft
  • Water-soluble
  • Non-explosive / Non-combustible
  • No EPA restrictions
  • 30+ Year Shelf Life
  • You can even take this on the plane with you
  • By-products are only carbon dioxide, water & sand
  • Smokeless & Odorless
  • 120 easy to use packets Net wt 9 lbs 6oz (4.3kg)
  • Approved by the US Military, ReadyFuel has been thoroughly tested and approved by RDECOM, and favored over the standard FRH by 95% of the soldiers randomly selected from the Combat Medics Course during field training at Camp Bullis, Texas. You know it's tough, versatile, and it works just as hard as they do.

Lindon Farms Freeze Dried Fruits are second to none in quality, freshness, and taste. Shelf life up to 25 years sealed and stored in a cool, dry environment. Shelf life up to 6 months for opened pouches.

Freeze drying is the process of freezing water out of a food product then rapidly turning it into a gas, omitting the liquid stage. Most fruit and vegetables are made out of 80% to 90% water, making freeze drying the ultimate light weight option. Once the freeze drying process is completed, the water, (up to 90% of a product like strawberries), is effectively removed thus making the product drastically lighter but maintaining most of its original shape, color, flavor, nutrients, and maximizing shelf life. Freeze Dried products have a quick re-hydration times normally only about five minutes.

- Sliced Strawberries | 56 Servings | 2 mylarfoil pouches | 3.95oz/pouch
- Sliced Bananas | 40 Servings | 2 mylarfoil pouches | 5.64oz/pouch
- Sliced Peaches | 52 Servings | 2 mylarfoil pouches | 5.5oz/pouch
- Diced Apples | 52 Servings | 2 mylarfoil pouches | 4.58oz/pouch
- Whole Raspberries | 56 Servings | 2 mylarfoil pouches | 4.93 oz/pouch
- Whole Blueberries | 44 Servings | 2 mylarfoild pouches | 5.43 oz/pouch

Jarem Frye knows how to Live Life Ready! Nothing slows him down--Mountain biking, rock climbing, water and snow skiing, you name it. Jarem is a bone cancer survivor and amputee who built his own replacement leg and now builds them for others. Check out

To Live Life Ready is more than just having the right gear and supplies. It's a lifestyle, a way of being mentally and emotionally prepared to handle all that life and mother nature sends our way. Jarem is an example to us all. Thanks Jarem!

The Ready Project is growing, and recently we've been joined by the dashing and talented Paul, who will be overseeing video and other creative content development.  He just put the finishing touches on a quick video highlighting Ready Fuel, a military-grade fire starter available to the public only through The Ready Project.  Stay tuned for more goodness like this and let us know what you think of our latest vid!