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Freeze Dried Mangoes from Chef’s Banquet

Ok, so seriously these freeze dried mangoes are really good and very easy to prepare!  In…

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Water Filtration: Katadyn Hiker

Water Filtration You can’t see, smell or taste them, but millions are swimming around in the crystal clear stream water you’re about to drink from. When you’re hiking deep in the backcountry, the last thing you need is to be sidelined by a nasty bug. Once giardia, cryptosporidia or other protozoa enter your system it’s usually takes 24-48 hours before symptoms appear that can derail your plans and may require medical assistance. To stay safe in the backcountry, it’s always a good idea to purify water before you drink it. Many options are available for treating water including boiling and...

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People don’t realize the importance of being prepared.  They consider emergency preparedness and food storage as a large ordeal that takes months and hundreds of dollars to acquire.  They imagine their home becoming a large storage unit for vast amounts of food and making drastic modifications to be prepared.  That is not the case.  Emergency preparedness is a simpler concept then that.  One small step at a time will help you get you and your home in shape and ready to weather any situation.  Start preparing with the basic essentials.  FEMA recommends a 72-Hour Kit, three day supply of food...

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