A plug-and-play generator for emergencies, camping, or wherever you need power. The Goal Zero Yeti…
A plug-and-play generator for emergencies, camping, or wherever you need power. The Goal Zero Yeti…
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Water Filtration

You can’t see, smell or taste them, but millions are swimming around in the crystal clear stream water you’re about to drink from. When you’re hiking deep in the backcountry, the last thing you need is to be sidelined by a nasty bug. Once giardia, cryptosporidia or other protozoa enter your system it’s usually takes 24-48 hours before symptoms appear that can derail your plans and may require medical assistance. To stay safe in the backcountry, it’s always a good idea to purify water before you drink it.

Many options are available for treating water including boiling and using iodine or purification tablets, but these solutions typically take time and don’t do much to filter out sediment or improve taste. More modern filtration options include infrared filters that are compact and lightweight, but they rely on batteries and are limited in their volume output. To get the best of both worlds with convenience, improved taste and high volume output, a quality handheld pump water filter leads the pack.

Katadyn Hiker Microfilter

With Swiss roots and more than 70 years experience in water purification, Katadyn is widely recognized as an industry leader and their products are trusted by militaries, health organizations and outdoor adventurers worldwide. Katadyn offers a full line of water filters for various conditions, but for a large number of consumers the Katadyn Hiker Microfilter offers a great mix of features and value.

The versatile Katadyn Hiker uses a glass-fiber, activated carbon filter that has the ability to produce safe drinking water at a very respectable rate of 1 liter per minute and can filter up to 200 gallons of water before a filter change is necessary. With its lightweight and compact form factor, it can easily slip into your backpack, 72-hour kit or car trunk and you won’t notice it’s there until you actually need it. It’s also a great item to add to your food storage supplies. While it’s not the cheapest pump filter on the market, it is still relatively inexpensive and with all the features and quality it provides, the Katadyn Hiker is a high value filter worth a serious look when trying to decide which water filter is best for your needs.

People don’t realize the importance of being prepared.  They consider emergency preparedness and food storage as a large ordeal that takes months and hundreds of dollars to acquire.  They imagine their home becoming a large storage unit for vast amounts of food and making drastic modifications to be prepared.  That is not the case.  Emergency preparedness is a simpler concept then that.  One small step at a time will help you get you and your home in shape and ready to weather any situation.  Start preparing with the basic essentials.  FEMA recommends a 72-Hour Kit, three day supply of food and three gallons of water per person to sustain you during an emergency.  The Ready Project has been making and selling 72 hour ready-made kits for years.  The Grab-N-Go 72 Hr Kit by the Ready Project consists of the basics that you need and has room for your own personal items.

 The Grab-N-Go Kit contains:

1 - 3.7 Gallon Plastic Bucket
12 - 4.2 oz water pouches
2 - 3600 Calorie Food Bars
2 - Protective Masks
2 - Emergency Ponchos
2 - Tissue Packs
2 - Emergency Blankets
2 - Pair of Latex Gloves
1 - Emergency Light Stick
1 - Whistle
1 - First Aid Kit (40 Piece)
1 - Shake Flashlight

On the backside of the Grab-N-Go kit is listed an emergency information panel.  You can list emergency contacts, family member’s names, meeting places, and police, hospital and fire department information.  At the bottom of The Ready Project’s 72 hour kit, there’s space to list important information or special information for special needs of certain family individuals.  It’s the perfect way to give you and your family peace of mind.  It’s a simple, easy solution to a common situation.  Here’s what some people said about the Grab-N-Go Kit:

“Just received the Grab and Go 72 Hr Kit. Love that it is easily portable, compact and includes the essentials for a true emergency. It's size will make it easy to store at work, college and at home. The Emergency Information Panel is so helpful for families to plan their course of action before an emergency arises. Gives me peace of mind as a parent. It's also a real bonus to have the extra room to carry prescribed medications and medical supplies as well as emergency cash. Thanks Ready Project!”  – Ruth

“I liked that I could add more personal items to the bucket and write on the outside what I put in. Big enough to store lots and small enough to fit in a backpack. The bucket adds great durability not to mention an essential tool in many ways.” – Jackie