After waiting out the weather at Advanced Base Camp for a week The Ready Project® team made the decision to push back up to 17,000 feet.  After reaching 17,000 feet the team made the critical decision to back off the mountain as weather conditions were getting worse. Temperatures were dropping and wind speeds were increasing making a summit attempt a very dangerous endeavor.

They packed up their gear at High Camp and made the long trek out to the landing strip lower on the Kahiltna Glacier. Before leaving high camp the team shared extra food rations with other teams remaining on the mountain. The Freeze Dried Fruits and just-add-water meals were a huge hit and didn't last long.

After waiting an additional day at the airstrip the weather cleared just long enough for their exceptional pilot at Sheldon Air Service to sneak in and fly the team out to Talkeetna.

The team is back safe and sound with all of their fingers and toes; that equals a successful expedition in our book!

Message Received: Dallen, Whitney and I are going back up to 17000- Wish Us Luck Weather Very Cold Be Back Down In 3 Days. -Rich

This is the steepest section of the route refereed to climbers as the Headwall. It is here, between 15000-16000 feet that the team installs a fixed line to safeguard each climber relaying loads to the top of the buttress.

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From this point the route follows an easterly course between the rock buttress on the left and a large ice-fall on the right until it reaches a nameless basin at 14,200 feet.

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The Ready Project® team is moving right along, they have hit 11,200 feet! They are starting to see more interesting views on the magnificent Mt. McKinley. At this point the team has put The Ready Project® climbing gear to the test. Click the below links to see the tools these professionals are using:

Slings/Trekking Poles/Carabiners

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Reaching the first camp The Ready Project® team is excited to be making their way upward. With tired legs and full bellies from The Ready Project®'s Chef's Banquet™ Heart Potato Soup they buckle down to rest.

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