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Due to today’s advances in food preservation, we are able to store food for an incredible extended amount of time.  The Ready Project®’s food preservation techniques have allowed us to guarantee up to a 25 year shelf life for our freeze-dried meals, fruits and vegetables and up to 15 year shelf life for our freeze-dried meats.  In order to achieve the full shelf life, you have to properly store and care for your food storage.

All buckets must be stored in a cool, dry place.  If you live in a place with high humidity and temperatures, it is best to avoid storing your product in your garage or shed.  Even though the package is fully sealed heat can still do damage to the product within.  Avoid sun exposure as well, as this will -compromise the shelf life of the product.

Each bucket is sealed with a plastic lid but not with a gasket that will guarantee all water will stay out.  In the event of a flood, the bucket will protect your food but cannot guarantee that all water will keep out. In the case that water does in fact find its way into the bucket, it will not cause damage to the Metalite™ pouches inside which are fully sealed.  The bucket will fully protect from rodents, insects and debris from getting into the bucket.

After a pouch is opened, it has a shelf life of 3-6 months.  To prolong the food for the whole 6 months, push all the air out of the package before sealing it shut with the built in zip-seal on the pouch.  Then re-bag it within another plastic bag to keep the contents fresh.  When scooping the contents out of the bag, avoid using your hands and placing them in the bag as this will bring more oils and moisture into the bag.

If you live in a colder climate, the lower temperatures will not affect the shelf life.  Although if you have your product stored in an area where it goes back and forth from really cold to hot, this may damage the product because of the fast temperature changes.

Your product is made to last for decades to come and will do just that if stored properly.  Take care of your product and someday it will see you through.


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