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Next to food and water, fire and a heat source is your first priority. The Ready Project® carries only elite fuel products to guarantee that you are well supplied and safe.  The Ready Project® now offers you our best emergency fuel in a smaller package, a convenient way to add it to your emergency kits.    ready_fuel_4pack_web

In need of a reliable way to start a campfire, Ready Fuel™ is a light, inexpensive solution. The clear, odorless, non-toxic, water-soluble gel can be easily ignited and burns at 1,200 degrees for up to 15 minutes. It is non-explosive is safe to transport by aircraft or through the mail. It will also boil water, cook food and dry wet clothing. The gel comes in 1.25-ounce foil pouches and converts to sand residue making it easy to clean up.

Ready Fuel™ contains 4 Ready Fuel® Packs. The easiest fire you’ll ever light! The ultimate fire solution. For the casual hiker or weekend camper, Ready Fuel™ helps keep supplies to a minimum. Ready Fuel™ is light and easy carry. It can be counted on to start a fire, burn hot, boil water, and cook a meal. When it's finished burning simply blow away. Perfect for Extreme Conditions. Ready Fuel™ will surpass the expectations of adventurers, extreme athletes, and wilderness explorers. Ready Fuel™ can be transported globally by airplane and will burn at high elevations.


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