Plan. Practice. Prepare

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Get started on your New Year resolution to be more prepared.  It may seem to be a daunting and intimidating goal but it is achievable.  To begin, keep these three simple tips in mind.  Plan, practice and prepare with the essentials.

1.  Plan - With your family and friends, make a plan for what you would do in a natural disaster.  Where would you meet up at?  Where are the emergency shut off valves in your house for water, gas and other essentials?  Does every individual know their responsibilities and how to handle them?

2.  Practice – Walk your family members, especially children below the age of 18 through an emergency plan to help them know what to do in a situation.  Take your family throughout your home to show them where emergency valves are and what needs to be taken care of in any situation.  Show them where your family's meeting place is.  Do a practice fire drill in your home to teach your children how to get out of harm’s way.

3.  Prepare with the Essentials.  Have the necessary supplies to handle any situation such as a 72 hour kit.  Have a food storage supply to support your family in the event of a natural disaster or economic downturn.

Keep watching for more posts that will delve deeper into quick and easy steps to begin your emergency preparedness journey.Signature-the-one

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