Driving Safely in Fog

Fog is the top weather related contributor to driving fatalities.  There have been numerous reports of deaths and accidents caused from fog over the years.  Several years ago, in Kentucky, there was a 125 car pileup caused by fog that sent over 40 people to the hospital.  In Salt Lake a few years ago, there was a pileup caused by a chain reaction of breaking that sent 30 people to the hospital.  These are just a couple examples among hundreds.  It is very important to know the driving precautions you can take to protect yourself and family.


  1. Don’t Drive - Don’t drive if you know that fog is predicted.  Don’t put yourself in a risky situation.
  2. No Sudden Stops - Don’t slam on your breaks or make any sudden stops.  The car back behind you won’t be able to predict what you’re doing and will likely run into the back of you.  When you enter a fog bank, begin to tap your breaks and slow down.  Tapping your breaks will notify the person back behind you that you’re slowing down but not stopping.  The flashing break lights will bring more attention to your car and others can see you better.
  3. Use Low Beams - Use your low beams, not high beams.  Your natural thought would be to use brighter lights to see better, but that is not the case with fog.  Fog reflects more light back to you, reducing visibility even more.  You can see better with low beams.  Sometimes even fog lights produce too much light and reduce visibility as well.
  4. Keep Your Distance - Keep 3 car lengths between you and the car in front.  If the car in front of you has stopped, this will give you more time to react and slowdown.  You’ll have the natural urge to stay close to the car in front of you because you want to see what’s in front, but this just increases the likelihood of running into the back of them.  The more space the better.  Tailgating is how most accidents are caused because people don’t have enough time to react.
  5. Pull Over - If the fog is really bad, pull over as far as you can off the road and put on your hazards.  If possible, get out of your car and climb up an embankment or as far away from the road as possible.




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