Holiday Gifts for Man's Best Friend

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We know how much you love and care for your pets and would do anything for them.  Here at The Ready Project® we feel the same about our pets and have formulated a delicious, healthy blend of dog food that will last for up to 15 years.  This Holiday Season, give yourself and your pet the gift of being prepared for when disaster strikes.  It will offer peace of mind to you and your family knowing that you pet is taken care of.  Pet’s Banquet™ is perfect for your pet.

Pet’s Banquet™ Dog Food Storage Bucket Benefits:
Real Pork Meat
Metalite™ Sealed Pouches with Oxygen Absorbers to Preserve Dog Food
6 Gallon Sealed/Stack-able Bucket
Well Balanced Dog Food
Perfect for Pups or Adult Dogs
Up to 15-Year Shelf Life

Pet’s Banquet™ Cat Food Storage Benefits:
Corn Gluten Meal is a Key Protein for Cats
Up to 15-Year Shelf Life
Well Balanced Cat Food
Metalite™ Sealed Pouches with Oxygen Absorbers
6 Gallon Sealed/Stack-able Bucket


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