When to use Freeze-Dried Fruit

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The advanced process of freeze-drying is extremely beneficial for everyone.  Most people know that freeze-dried fruit is great for food storage and emergency preparedness but there are many more options.

Food Storage –

Freeze-Dried Fruits are of course perfect for high quality food storage because they have an incredible shelf life of 25 years.  They’re lightweight, easy and convenient to store.

Camping/ Hunting Trips –

My family is very avid campers and we always make sure that we have Lindon Farms® freeze-dried fruit.  Especially for the little kids in the group, who are picky eaters, have the easy, non-messy, healthy snack of freeze-dried fruit.

Hiking - 

Because the advanced process of freeze-drying removes all the water, it makes the fruit extremely light and easy to carry.  The Metalite™ pouches are resalable and are slender enough to pack easily.  They taste better than your average trail mix.

Road Trips –

For those who find themselves on the road a lot, whether it’s for work or a family vacation, these Lindon Farms® freeze dried fruit are a great option.  Food options while traveling can be expensive and are usually very unhealthy.  Freeze-dried fruit are a no mess easy and convenient snack that you won’t feel guilty about eating.

Snack –

Fresh fruit has a tendency to go bad fast but because these are freeze-dried they are ready and available for consumption any time.  Whether it’s a snack at work, your kids lunches, an outdoor adventure or every day, these are a delicious and healthy snack. 

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