Zombie Survival Kit

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Zombies can’t get enough of the living.  They’re coming after you!  Will you be ready?  Arrive alive with the The Ready Project's® Zombie Survival Kit™.  Use this kit to provide the necessary tools, protection, and helpful tips to help you survive anything from your typical zombie to the most ravenous zombie who is dying for your brain!  The zombie kit comes with ERBar, tissues, survival compass, machete, self charged flashlight, glowstick, tarp, latex gloves, para bracelet, water packets, and a bite kit.

Zombie Survival Bucket Rules

  1. Cardio – Use the ERBar to infuse you with energy to out run a mob of zombies.
  2. Beware of Bathrooms – Keep the pack of tissue on your person at all times.  When you gotta go, you gotta go.
  3. Know Your Way Out – Use the handy survival compass card tool to help you navigate out of a zombie attack.
  4. Keep Your Blade Sharp – A blade can be your best friend.  Use the Gator machete to defend yourself, a zombies head is its weakness.
  5. Beware of Dark Areas – Use the self charged flashlight or the glow stick to secure the area.
  6. Shelter – Zombies are enough to worry about, have a place to rest.
  7. Blend in – Use the latex gloves to spread the scent of zombies on your clothing or poncho.  (Don’t let it touch your skin).
  8. Fashion and Function – The Para Bracelet not only looks good, but it can be used as rope.
  9. Stay hydrated – Use the water packets for drinking or use them as weapons, like water balloons.
  10. Beware of Bites – A Zombie bite is a sure way to turn into the undead, but you may have one last chance with the Zombie Bite Kite.  The kit might remove zombie venom.

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