The Ready Project® at the Survival Expo 2012

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Las Vegas, NV, August 31, 2012- The Ready Project®, a trusted online retailer for emergency supplies and survival gear showcases their products at the 2012 Survival Expo.

This year’s 2012 Survival Expo was held at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas. The expo put forward an opportunity for companies to showcase products and services to an audience in search of solutions to today’s survival issues. The expo offered products from guns and ammunition to preparedness products and survival kits.

As one of the Survival Expo’s exhibitors, The Ready Project® was able to introduce their latest survival product, Ready Stove™. The Ready Stove™ is a rugged, versatile, and compact aluminized steel mini stove perfect for the ultimate survivalist. The Ready Stove™ attracted many excited survival enthusiast and preppers at the expo.

“The Survival Expo was the perfect outlet to present the Ready Stove™,” said Kristen Blunck, The Ready Project Ready Adviser. “The Ready Stove™ is a great start to building a survival kit, and is also convenient for a quick weekend camping trip.”

Founded in the heart of the Wasatch mountains, The Ready Project® has taken an aggressive approach to preparedness, both at home and in the outdoors. Not only as a manufacturer of the finest food storage products on the market they have also worked hard to create partnerships with suppliers of some of the best survival, emergency preparedness, and outdoor products on the planet.

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