How a Leatherman Micra Saved My Life

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I have a confession to make.  A Leatherman Micra never actually saved my life.  But it has made me feel like MacGyver on more than one occasion and for that, I have to give it props.  The Leatherman Micra has been around for years.  It's very utilitarian looking and Leatherman has tried killing it off by bringing out new, svelte models like the Squirt and the Style but for whatever reason the Micra remains their best-selling keychain multi-tool.  I've been carrying mine daily for the last 5 or 6 years and the thing just keeps on chugging.

The reactions you get from people when they find out you're carrying a multi-tool can be comical.  It's kind of like carrying a fanny pack.  People may laugh, but at some point you know you're gonna get the last laugh so you just keep doin' you.  Most often I find myself using the spring-loaded scissors or knife blade, but it also includes a nail file, nail cleaner, tweezers (I wish they had a little more purchase but you can't get everything right), an extra-small screwdriver, medium screwdriver, flat/phillips screwdriver, bottle opener and a ruler etched into the handles.

When closed it measures 2.5 inches long and is a featherweight at 1.8 ounces, so small and unobtrusive it's almost laughable not to carry one.  With stainless steel construction and Leatherman's 25-year warranty, it's fair to say the Leatherman Micra will still be around,  even when fanny packs come back in style.

To view the Micra and other multi-tool options, visit The Ready Project's Leatherman page.

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