Fire Season in the West

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Recently my home state has erupted with wild fires that have burned over thousands of acres and consumed hundreds of structures.  There have been several deaths this fire season in the varying states.  A few individuals were found in their homes or surrounding areas who were not able to escape the inferno.  Two residents in Colorado and two more in Utah.  Fires have been causing problems for so many in the western states such as Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, and Wyoming just to name a few.  Some states are saying that this is the worst fire season they’ve seen in decades.  There has not been this many fires this early in the season which has put fire crews on high alert.  Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana have all had red flag warnings which mean there is a high risk of fire danger and to be extra cautious while on excursions.  It is important to be prepared with the necessary essentials to protect your family.  Officials say the fire season has started early due to the dry winter, lack of moisture for the past year, and the beetle problem that has killed many trees leaving them dry and more susceptible to fire.  All of these create the perfect situation for a widespread fire hazard.  In my home state of Utah there are 11 different wildfires burning alone.  Not to mention the other 100 that are burning across the western states.  Thousands of people have been put on mandatory evacuation notices for several days to leave their homes and everything behind.  Crews work around the clock to contain the blazes and save homes and property.  Make sure that you and your home are prepared with a 72-Hour Kit and a food supply.  If you are placed under mandatory evacuation you need to have the necessary provisions to keep you going.  The fires have created many problems and heartache for people.  Our hearts and sympathy go out to those individuals who have been affected by the fires.

Use these tips to avoid a wildfire and save homes and even lives:

  • NEVER leave your fire unattended.
  • Keep flammable materials away from fire.
  • Never park your heated vehicle over tall grass.  The heat alone is enough to spark a small flame which will spread.
  • Put your cigarette bud completely out and watch for smoking restrictions.
  • Never use fireworks in National Forests.  Keep them away from flammable materials when lit.  Keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher close.  Follow firework restrictions and only use when appropriate.
  • Target shooting is what has sparked many of 2012 fires.  Only shoot in appropriate areas away from dry spots.
  • When putting out fires, make sure that it is completely out before leaving the area.  Follow these guidelines to properly put out fires.

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